No Man’s Sky se actualizará esta semana

Si existe una pesadilla dentro del mundo de los videojuegos esa es la que ha tenido que vivir Hello Games con su No Man’s Sky. El estudio liderado por Sean Murray intenta salir adelante y siguen actualizando el juego con nuevos parches, entre los cuales se encuentra el que llegará esta semana.

The Foundation Update traerá a No Man’s Sky la creación de edificios y la primera piedra de las cosas que están por venir. Aquí van las palabras del estudio:


This week Hello Games will be releasing an update to No Man’s Sky. We’re calling it The Foundation Update, because we have added the foundations of base building, and also because this is putting in place a foundation for things to come.

Detailed patch notes will follow, and release will be soon.

Coming from five years of intense development, immediately after No Man’s Sky released the team spent six weeks updating the game with 7 patches across both platforms (the last of these was 1.09 on Sept 24th which you can read about them all here These fixed many of the most common or critical bugs and issues post-release.

In the nine weeks since then our small team has been hard at work on development, testing and certification for the Foundation Update. It won’t be our biggest update, but it is the start of something.

The discussion around No Man’s Sky since release has been intense and dramatic. We have been quiet, but we are listening and focusing on improving the game that our team loves and feels so passionately about.

Positive or negative feedback, you have been heard and that will truly help to make this a better game for everyone.

This update will be the first small step in a longer journey. We hope you can join us.

Thank you,

Hello Games”

Esperemos que sea cierto y Hello Games consiga ganarse la confianza del público y devolver la ilusión a muchísimos jugadores que de salida se sintieron desilusionados (por dejarlo ahí) con una de las grandes esperanzas del año que era este No Man’s Sky.

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